Saturday, February 14, 2009

Medical Examination.

as promised to my fellow friends by me. now i will try to post my experience during my medical checkup for my pilot training.
for most of you all out there who is wondering what this is all about, medical checkup or also known as medical exam is one way way of determining how fit you are to fly. if u have a very bad heart condition, there is no way the doctor will have you airborne. get it?

the medical checkup is divided into several sections or tests if i may say so.

  1. urine test.
  2. x- ray.
  3. eye test.
  4. audiogram. (hearing test)
  5. interview with the doctor. (which includes testing your body response, pulse reading, sets of question related to ur health life, another eye test, and some basic checkups)
  6. electro-cardiogram. (send waves of electricity to measure the beat rate of ur heart. the results are later then shown on a graph chart.)
  7. done!!.
well honestly, i dont remember much about the day i went for my checkup except... i was really really nervous. yeap the first thing that crossed over my mind was.. ' what if i fail this test?' owh dear.. the 'what if' questions are all over me again.. but theres no way of telling me if i am fit to fly or not unless i take the test ryte?

and so i did. i took it on the 22th of october last year. made an appointment with the doctor a couple of days earlier. owh i am sorry, i forgot to tell you where i took it. ahahaha silly me. i took it at Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) medical centre. you can look up for it on the address below.

MAS Medical Centre (Subang, Selangor)
Sultan Abdul Aziz International Airport
47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603 7840 3114 Fax: 603 7846 2626.

i came there around 10 am with my mom and wasted 10 minutes upon searching for complex B. yeah MAS complex is kinda big so u have to move around to explore the unfamiliar territory. after we have found the complex, now its a matter or searching for the medical centre.. kudos to MAS upon providing visitors with various signboard to make life easier.

upon arriving to our destination.. we were greeted by a few nurses on the reception desk. very tender they are. hahaha. i was ask to fill up a form regarding my personal informations but they purposely didnt give me a pen just to test my awareness of the process.. but still. thats what mums are for. =).
i borrowed a pen from mum and then one of the nurses saw me and said 'ai? nak gune pen pon pinjam mak ke?, cmne nak jadi pilot ni?' .i shook my head down and continued onto filling up the form. hahahaha malu wehhh. my mom giggled upon my embarrassment. well im glad someone is having a blast. ekkkkeke.

after i submitted the form to one of the nurses..she asked me to sit and wait for my turn. my eyes quickly shifted into 'searchlight mode' where i will observemy new surroundings in hope of stumbling upon something interesting. and of course i did!. there was alot of peeps that day doing their medical checkups..i can see LAE's (licenced aircraft enngineer), TAME's (aircraft maintenance engineer trainee) and a few stewardess as well.

i went through those test with anxiety apart from being bloody nervous about something that might be wrong with me.. any disease that i might not knw of..who knows?
but in the end.. here's what the medical certificate looks like.

and if any of you there got any doubts and questions regarding this topic. feel free to reach me. i will help you as much as i can.
till then~~.


  1. u didnt include da one int the xray room.. hahaha

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    fine2 ill update it later.

  3. im so glad that..(refer to "my fellow friends")
    it is me ...haha...tenkiu2...