Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introduction to a new member of the Fleet

hey guys im sure alot of u all out there know who i am but as for u all who dont..
heres a little bit much about me and my existence of course.

im gona make it pretty simple fr u yourselves out.


20th august 1990.(you do the math)


Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Made in Johore Bahru

3rd amongs four.have an elder brother,elder sister and one pain in the arse little sister.
but i love them all including my dear NADYA god sis. =)

Gud looking *wink*



Children to my dearest Parents.

Previously i was a student at SMK Taman Sri Andalas.

Now, Cadet pilot - Asia Pacific Flight Training, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
MARA sponsored.

Great Sense of humor.



Loyal Subject of ALLAH.

Loves flying , fast cars, aeroplanes excites me, cheese, cold drinks, travel,good people, good music, honest person, and much more.


Very good friend but i can be your worst enemy.

Would like to travel the whole world one day and be a captain for Emirates(its my dream job)
and fly both of my parents to fulfill their Haj with proud.

Hates those who are hypocrites, unfaithful, arrogant, absurd, lame, boring, weak, psikoes, perverts, assholes, braggers, losers, incompetent, and imbeciles.

As some may say, i can be a little bit weird sometimes..and for that..i am truly sorry...i am one easy going fella at one time but when i have nothing to discuss about..things can be pretty lame.

I like to hang out with my friends as i am an outdoor person.have this 'craze' about techno music.and yes i do shuffle and can do a little bit of tecktonik as well.still learning though.FYI, i dont smoke and i dont drink because i dont hink that is is a necessity for me to perform all those stupid action as it may harm our body..and yes i want to live long enough to see my great great great grandchidren have their own grandchildren :P.

Favourite colour?- BLACK and WHITE.

What else would you like to know about me?
just drop me a comment and i will respond to is A.S.A.P..well it also depends on the type of questions that is being asked.

Untill then, Cheers~!


  1. eee.. u pervert.. anyway, nice effort.. for those who wonder who the author is, he is my english teacher.. heee

  2. damn u faiz.i said low profile.
    whose the pervert now huh?

  3. gosh...sho shweeeeeeett of u too bro!

  4. gosh...sho shweeeeeeett of u too bro!...