Monday, April 20, 2009

The Queen of Hearts. ILYSDM

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.. happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you MOM!!!. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!

ure the best theing that has ever happened to me.
i love you so so much!!.
gosh i dont know where to start.
thank you for giving birth to me.
thank you for loving me.
thank you for feeding me.
thank you for standing up to me.
thank you for covering me.
thank you for nagging me
thank you for supporting me
thank you for being there throughout my pain and happy moments.
thank you for making me feel special.
thank you for making me to be the person who i am right now.
thank you for teaching me how to be independent.
thank you for being so carefree and sporting.

Each and every moment of my life is incomplete without you.



Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, dapat mencapai segala apa yg diinginkan serta gembira menjalani kehidupan bersama orang yang tersayang.

one of the greatest mother one child could possibly have was born on 20th of April, more than 4 decades ago.

anyone who wishes to wish my mother a happy birthday please do so by leaving a comment in the comment box. thank you.

Wekkkkkkkkkkk. :P

to a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very important important important important important important important important important important important important person to me, today was her birthday. just now when i was Google-ing for a perfect birthday song for her, i found this particular song. so i would like to dedicate this awesome and meaningful song to her as a part of my birthday present for her special day.

her birthday was on the 21th of April 1990. which marks the 19th year of her existence. happy sweet 19 to u ;). as u grow, i will always be by your side to support you. may ALLAH bless your soul with infinite love, fortune and many more. as i promised, this is for u MISS D.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tulang Blakang saya Sakit.

ntah knape ntah.
tetibe jek ley sakit.
aku ni ade osteoporosis ke?
cam muda sgt je tulang aku nak retak hahah.
meibi tensen sgt kot?
ke pemalas sgt.
korang rase?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weird Stuff.

today i went to 99 market near my house.
there my mum asked me to buy something for tomorrow's lunch.
i saw some familiar faces there.
ahh it was my old juniors who came out of high school after SPM last year.
theyre looking good.
well when i was done shopping i went to the cashier.

cashier : eh ni abg ***** kan?

eddy : ye saye..kamu ni...ohh yes saya ingat awak. dulu skola same kan?

cashier : yup yup emm sebnarnye saya nak mintak pertolongan la kat abg *****.

eddy : huh? ape die?? ckp jer la.

cashier : nak mintak tolong ajar ermm malu la nak cakap :P.

eddy : huh? nak mintak tolong ajar ape? abg bkn nyer pndi sgt pon (chewahhh). cakap jer la.

cashier : saya nak abg tolong ajar saya shuffle boleh? *wink*

eddy : haaa uhhhh?? errrr (da habis bayar, org sume tga beratur tunggu giliran). oh awak ade bnyk customer la xpe nanti kite borak next time k?

cashier : okayy ;).

conclusion is : i am so not going to come to that 99 market next time. that girl creeps me out. her wink gave me shivers to my spine. haha someone save me!!. and i honestly think that she does not want to learn how to shuffle only. what do u guys think?

Riverside Cottage.

hey again.

haha this week is one hell of a week for me.
study, summarize and many more. phew those made me work extra efficient considering i have a lazy arse syndrome.
anyways im not here to tell u all about that.
2 days ago my dad came back from his work trip to Sarawak.
beautiful place, beautiful country, beautiful food and yes u guys out there..Beautiful Chicks. haha i mean the chicken younglings :P
well then so my dad came home with 2 extra luggage and i was starting to ponder what those luggages are.
the first one was okay. it was big but when i take a look inside, it was just some normal piece of cloth and some batik wrapped inside it.
haha my father also brought back some ackward utensils that were made from woods.. yep u heard me. woods.

ure everyday eating & cooking utensils. pictures include spoon, forks and a pair of chopsticks
items above are not for sale thank you. ;)

hohoho. so that was in the first bag.
these second one was pretty mysterious.
dad usually use these type of bags to store his clothes. but what was it doing in the kitchen?
one way to find out haha.
i feel that the bag was cooler than the surroundings and a puddle of water has formed below the bag.
sounds exciting eyh? i lifted the bag for a while and felt tremendous weight the bag has.
yeah, im getting all curious too to find out whats in the bag LOL.
care to make a guess?

time is up. u guessed wrong. haha.

lets find out what is is shall we?

well i opened up the bag and discovered a layer of newspapers.. heck newspapers alone wont add up to the weight that i have lifted just now.
so i dig deeper. and try to feel whats inside when suddenly,

OUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!. owh **** something bit me!!!!.

haha and i was like.. oh god what if its a poisonous animal? im gona die im gona die. LOL haha nope sorry thats no what happened.

i checked my finger if theres any sign of successful penetration of a foreign object.. or blood.
turns out there was nothing there. (damnit eddy ure such a wussy) LOL.

so then i removed all the newspapers and looked whats inside. lord knows how shocked i was to find what was in that god forsaken luggage. bwahahahahaha i dont know how to describe it at first but as i take a closer look, it all came to me that my dad brought home 2 dozens of lobsters in his bag..oh wait did i just said lobsters?. ;).

well they are not alive thats for sure. my first thought was 'how in the world did my dad passed the customs?'. same question still ponders me up untill now.

so i took all of em lobsters out from the bag and stuffed em up neatly in the refrigerator. my refrigerator was soo full untill we have to rearrage all of the items in it. damn u lobster.
here's a sneek peek on how the lobsters look like if u havent seen 1.

inside the refrigerator.

from the left side

from the right side

this is how i first found them.

hahahaha well the next day, i did a little experiment with them and this is how they all turned out to be.

try to guess what dish is this?


damn delicious wehhh.

never in my life i have ever thought that lobster could be so tasty. u guys should try it too!!.
compliments to the chef!!. hahahaa.
thats all for now.

im having my self some fine lobster :).
talk to u guys later!

Salah siapa saya berubah?

akhir akhir ni.
da makin laen da.
makan xkenyang. tidur xlena.
kredit handphone slalu topap.(duit semakin kurang)
handphone slalu charge.
senyuman semakin lebar.
muka makin ceria.
tidor makin lewat.
chatting makin kuat.
keterujaan semakin membuak buak.
hati makin selesa.

saya sudah makin berubah.
bukan yg sama seperti dulu.
salah siapa ye?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Morning to u too!!.

thank you for the swift reply.
swear to god i wont make u feel that same way again.
yeah, ure absolutely right. we need to move on.
and ill be right here to support u.

i know u didnt mean it.
apology accepted.
make sure the autopilot is disengaged

u paint my first smile today. thank you.

kite xamek ati pon aite? x perlu nak mintak maaf.
any one with a grieving past would do the same.
eh! askem 50 sen with coklat!!
haha jadi tamak sebentar.


i promised someone that i will publish new post about my family's adventure the day when they all went to bandung, indonesia. but in a matter of discrete urgency, that post will be put on hold. its 0431 hours right now and i just cant get my eyes to shut as something disturbingly terrible happened today. as an act of honesty, i accidentally scratched a person's heart which as a result ticked her off with the nightmares of old memories.

i honestly dont know anything about that part of her past. and seriously,, if i would have known earlier.. that issue would have never been brought up in the first place. but i thought the person ought to know by now the nature of my dark side.trying to be every good frens want to be, as honest as i can. i know its disturbing but please, i did not commence in any negative activities while i was there. i never did AND i never will. the reason i wrote all this is not because i want u to forgive me or anything. i want you to know that i was telling the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth. its up to you to believe me or not. i intend to clear u of any doubts that u have against me.

i was very sad to see how disturbed u are by tainted memories of your past that i have resulted in due to my actions. the moment i told everything. ure mood changed drastically. i was suppose to make u happy today but instead, i did something terribly wrong. im such a dick :(.

remember, i am eddy. not anyone else in particular. not everybody will lie to u. nor will i. right now, u know me more than other strangers do. dont judge me by that matter alone...judge me by what u know about me. those moments we had, they were no fakes. those are 100% pure eddy. let bygones be bygones remember? thats what u said to me. haha regretfulness are all over the place. as the old malay saying kerna nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

i hope u read this soon. its intended only for u. please give me ur response soon. it would mean alot to me and last but not least, do take care of urself.

p/s : i will stop going if u want me to. if it bothers u that much. it does not worth for what we've established right now.

my sincerest apologies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am Rock.

smalam aku ade day off ngan member2 band aku. namenyer PASTI. i know, sounds lame right? haha but who cares what other people think. shiok dowhhhh. ahh crap we went out at 1400 hours. i went to pick up Benjo and then head straight away to Slay's house. kat sane Sharkhead was already waiting for us. then we all went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. hahaha kat sane kitorang sempat usha awek2 yg single dan juga yg bersame dengan pasangan masing2. ehem, bukan usha sebenar nya. lebih kepada mengutuk. diorang la, bukan aku. aku budak baik :P.

dah puas mengutuk, kami pon bertolak ke kedai makan feveret kami iaitu restoran al-mamak al-bidayah. i had for myself a roti telur cheese...sedap woooo haha sorry no photo dis time :)

dah puas memenuhkan perut kitorang pon bertolak ke taman rakyat yang merupakan sebuah taman rekriasi yg terkenal di klang :). kat sane pown nk usha awek juga. ops nak cuci mate laa ahha bese la. boys will be boys. ehh but we all did run a few laps in our jeans. whose bloody idea was that? grrrr.

then we all went back at 1900 hours.

kat uma aku online jap sambil text bersame mereka mereka yg aku berkenan *wink*.
told Miss D i'd save her from those zombies tonight hahaha.

at 2100 hours, i head off again to pick up my band mates at their house. eh aku ni cm driver lak kan? x aci btol. mentang mentang la aku ade kete. :(

then we went to bayu perdana cafe to hang out, kill time, dinner and most importantly... SHISHA. haha jangan mara ye cik anna, dyana dan lain2 :P.
it tasted awfulll. ive nvr tasted shisha that thick before. isap skali cam biar la diorg dulu isap. bagi rase tu ringan sket. they all smoke but i dont aite? why? allergic to cigar smokes.

ok then shortly after 0000 hours, we decided to do what we do best. JAMMING!!!!!. haha sume da start eksaited dahh.. giler sangap nak jamming. bese la..da lame xjumpe kann. so we head to the jamming studio nearest to us which is The Siren. without further a due, we all start synchornizing the tones and start warming up. i was the drummer but that nite, someone decides to try out the drums so i went up front as the lead singer zzzzzzz.
we start out with our own anthem. then follows it up with some hard rock songs like avenged sevenfold, lamb of god, metallica and many more. hell yeah the atmosphere was over the roof!!.
then we settled down with check yes juliet, face down by jumpsuit apparratus and last but not least, situasi by bunkface. i screamed like a girl who just saw justin timberlake at the backstage of a concert. haha screamed continuously untill i got sore throat today. :( bapak sakit dowh nak batuk & bersin pon rase. :'(

at 0215 hours, we left the studio to go kill some zombies!!!!!!. just kidding, not real zombies. its a computer game. left for dead 4 is a must play game. haha its a first person shooter u play with like an I am Legend kinda scenes and excitement. which means u must kill those son of bitches to survive. if was one heck of a game. the horor was everywhere. can even give u nightmares :).
in the end, we beat and smoked every one of those bitches and escaped. Miss D, i saved u ;).

at 0400 hours, we decided to head back home. said goodbye to each other and went to bed.
haha that particular day was bloody exciting. one of a kind. guys ure amazing. u realy helped me during my single days hahahaha.

thats all for now!! bye!!

p/s : sorry for my mixed up writings,spellings or such. i typed as fast as i could because I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

same story.

arini nak cite sal keta lagi. aritu aku dok tengok la satu cite ni kat AXN. die ade introduce sal satu keta ni. aku xpna dga plak keta ni so mase aku tengok cam lawa gileeeee. tros jato hati aku dan for sure teringin nak beli. lawa sioddd. tapi tadi aku check harge die kat internet menecah rm 121 USD tuuu. mampus papa kedana aku nak beli. campo ngan road tax lagi..haihhh. mimpi je la ye. owh yess its a sportscar. V8 engine. 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds kalo xsilap. and the name gran turismo.

bapak lawa dohhhh. elegan, u name it. well it looks like ill only admire u from far like i always do :).
unless ade diantara korang yg nak blanja la..aku on je!!!