Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Abort, abort!!.

for the last 2 days..ive been moaning in pain on my bed.
arghh i thought that i was immune to all this bullshit because i cant even remember when was the last time i've been hit by one.(i thought i was immortal?LOL)
hahaha yes, i've been capsized by the common disease not a single soul in this bloody world had never heard of....FEVER.

damn it it was painstaking at first. i thought i was just a normal dizziness that i always had when i think about something too much. but this one proves to be a lil bit different from the rest.

it started at 10 pm when suddenly i felt that my body temp was abit high. no thermometer what so ever. i know my body okay? duhh then i started thinking 'ni kalau tido ni misti ok je besok'. oh how stupendous that was. i cant even get a damn shut eye for 10 minutes!!. my whole body was on fire. hell i can even cook an egg for b'fast on my chest. yummy. =)

scrambled eggs. yummy!!

i hoofed up until 3 am in the morning where after that i said, this is nothing to be nego with. i have to take em bloody pills. searched high and low for acetaminophen... or we noobies commonly refer to the infamous PANADOL and soon after that, went straight back to bed.
still think i cant sleep huh? well sorry but not this time.

haha i spent the rest of my last 15 minutes at that moment reminiscing and wat we usualy call as daydreaming what my future will be with u know what & u know who. and an extra 5 minutes upon praying to the almighty. i mean..hey, he's got the power and anything can happen if he decides it. shortly after that, i dozed off. Gdnite people.

i woke up the following morning at around 9. thankful to the almighty that im still alive and feeling as strong a wild stallion again. yeeehaw!!.im sorry thats a cowboy. LOL. u get the picture. all of this reminds me again of how mortal i am. filled with flesh and bloody. kire xlupe diri la. wakakaka.


  1. la...demam ke adek kesayangan i neh..

    makan ubat k..
    nothing much that i can help..
    huhuhuhuh...(tak guna pnya sista)

  2. the first to follow mak ipin k..

    i dah byk merapu babe..

  3. get well soon! :))

  4. tulah.
    lain kali g clinic cepat cepat.

  5. ish2...bykkn ingat Allah...hehe..
    see u in may at apft..pray for me la...utk dpt loan mara cpat2

  6. thanks guys!!!.
    wish u all the best of health and wealth.