Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentines. <3

so u ll must be pretty upset about me not telling who that person up there is huh?
well to tell ya the truth..she was the one where i get most of my inspirations from.but note this..i did not admit aniting to u guys out there about this special girl so don't make any assumptions or what so ever aite? she has been my crush for almost three years now.

why i did not tell her how i feel about her? well its kinda complicated at that time but i don't need to explain things to u. up until now.. i don't want to bother her with her studies and second of all, one of our most excruciating fears one admirer can get, rejection.

lemme tell u abit more about this girl.shes practically my age.intelligent, brilliant, charismatic, beautiful, pretty aggressive tho, and quite the character too.believe me..once u've laid ur pair of eyes on her, this will go differently henceforth. =).

well that is just the outside that we're talking the inside...ever wonder how your future wife will be?buzz off...shes not like dat. haha. u will knw it once u get to know her better.IF ure lucky that is.we shall refer her as L from now on.curious?dont be..ever heard of curiosity kill the cat?ure the cat..and I'm the one who's gonna kill ya. ehehe.

well here's a little bit of history between me and her.sad history actually.tell me I'm kind enough to share my sweet and sour memories with u.well i met L in a tuition centre apparently. haha its a very popular tuition centre here in Klang. its called *** *****. =).
that time i was still single and available.and well,u know..young blood always wander around in the cities looking for something..or someone new. but hey i went for tuition to to wander or laze around wasting my precious time and my parents money..L came for class abit late that day..and yeah i gazed my eyes upon such beauty for the first time that day..owh ya L is not the kind of person in which dress to kill is a necessity. its tuition for gods sake..not a wedding ceremony. L barged into the classroom with a rush knowing that the teacher is going to be quite grumpy and the fact that she is shy with the other upon her late arrival.
well mates?do u believe in love at first sight? i don't. but i do believe in an emotional condition whereby a person feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first encounter with the stranger. The term may be used to refer to a mere sexual attraction or crush, but it usually refers to actually falling in love with someone literally the very first time one sees him or her, along with the deep desire to have an intimate relationship with that person. The stranger may or may not be aware that the other person has any such notion, and may not even be aware of the other person's presence (such as in a crowded place). Sometimes two people experience this phenomenon towards each other at the same time, usually when their eyes meet.(source = wikipedia). in which this exactly how she looks like during our first encounter.

lady in red.
red = Liverpool!

well?got a glimpse at what coming for ya? haha then as u all a very shy guy..and i don't get along with strangers very well(especially girls). i don't know how to talk to a girl in a proper 'ice-breaking' way.i swallowed my feelings right down to my guts and move on with my life. a few days passed by and i was giving up hoping that one day L will come and say hi to me (most of the girl there does). that's what i told u before..L is different from the others.

but,even if i have the guts to say hi to her..i don't know what else to say to her ahahaha get the picture?but eventually we did say hi to each other. man am i glad we did. =). we talked ALOT and got to know each other better. one more thing i like about her was her fluency and adequateness in english.. up until now.. chick with english fluency really turns me on hahahaha. believe me.. u don't want to interrupt our conversation because we pretty much use different foreign accents to compete with one another.. which eventually puzzles everyone who heard us talking.

after we ended our schooling days..we kept each other informed about how we've been doing these days via friendster and after we got our SPM results..L decided to continue her studies in a profession which L loves (i think) and after several years..she will be flying to JAPAN to further extend her knowledge there.i made a promise to myself. that one day. i will personally find L by hook or by crook and let her hear out my confessions of what i have been saving for her for the very last time. i know...L is going to be pretty shocked about it. but what ever her reactions would be after that, i don't really care about it ryte now.. all i wanted to do is to confess and tell what i want her to know what i felt. that's it. and so L, you are my valentines today and u will always be my valentines. <3.

Happy Valentines day. <3

wish me luck guys.
and L, i really really miss you.
because of you, HEART WITH WINGS is born and will continue to fly until it finally reach its destination.

to all readers, im sorry to have wasted ur precious time reading this post. but its important for me you!!!.

until then~~.bye!


  1. she is so lucky to have known you..
    i hope your relationship will be last forever till the end...
    and and..
    send my regards to her yeah ?? :)

  2. haha sure :).
    lucky me huh?
    i hope i will see her again soon

  3. omg.u really are taking an eternity to tell her the truth!
    but hey,i think its so sweet.
    and yes,rejection is the most toughest thing a secret admire will have to face.
    && wish ya gudluck.
    well,fyi,my current boyf is having that shy thing at first but friends help most of his effort.
    and now,yes,i am so happy wif him. <3 *smile*

    last but not least,i really hope to hear something bout her frm u so soon.

  4. why thank you oh my.
    im glad that thing worked out between u and ur bf.
    well frens do play an important role in our life but this is a matter of self will take time to digest.

    rushing into things would nt be appropriate now would it?

    hope to hear frm u again soon..stay happy always as u are such a fortunate person to have such partner in life =).

  5. im sure ull b with her someday, but it depends on which batch will graduate faster, as i'll b off to japan and take a break to have a vacation with her.. lalalala

  6. in your dreams faiz..aaaaaaahahaahaha.
    over my dead body

  7. woohhoo.all the best to u n her.~!

  8. yeah. all the best to u and her.
    one word, patience.
    u're the man dude!

  9. Hey found your blog when I was at yellowherbie's blog. I think it's sweet this between you and L tho i dont know either of you. And 3 years? thats a really long time. All i can say is all the best to you and it's always good to take a chance =).

  10. what? how could u manage to find my blog from YH's? haha. i didnt recall leaving any trace of my existance lol. =).
    anyways, i thank u much fr ur concerns. and yes, ill take my chances the moment it comes down to earth. that i promise u.
    thanks again ;)

  11. soo sweet :)
    all the best ;)