Monday, March 30, 2009

Adoption. haha

during the weekend the other day, my parent and i went to THE BIG CITY in search of our latest addition to the family.
no they already have enough naughty pain in the arse kids..we're searching for a car for my moms upcoming birthday. shes turning to her end 40's next month so my dad want to buy her a car for her birthday (like my dad had never bought her one. all the cars at home are under her name!!).

so we went to damansara where a fren of my dads suggested that many of affordable car dealers where bunked. i drove the car to damansara that day..heck i was nervous when it comes to driving my mom tends to be such a pain..even a little mistake would trigger her nagging alarm. haha sorry mum. but i drove carefully that day since i dont wana lose both me n my parents lives.

we went to the first three car dealer shops where the specific type of car that my mom wants were not available at the moment.. what a rip off. dad took the wheels from there and drove us around the city to search for more shops.. our aims are those shops with alot of expensive executive cars. the car that we..well my mom wants should be there.

finally we saw one on display and went into the shop to examine it. yeps thats the one. my mom would like any other than this.. its suitable for the ladies she said.

thats right. its a mercedes benz c200 compressor sports coupe.

i told her to buy something bigger. like maybe the BMW 5 series or such.. but then again, we are not rich people.

we went to other stores too to compare prices and the condition of the cars. that days was such a gud treat for the eye. well i know i wont afford some cars in a million years but no harm done in imagining ya?

i also surveyed the price for my sister's future car.. but she can dream on haha. she asked me to buy her one but theres no way thats going to happen :P

toyota celica.

my car? this shud be gud enough dont u think? to imagine a pilot drive this to the airport.. soooo cool!! bwahahaha.

owh well, back to the story. the day ends with a smile from my mom..waiting fr her birthday to arrive. the car will be sent to our house by that time.. when it does, its my turn to experiment with the car.. hahah guess what diabolical plan i have in mind?? muahahaha.

signing off!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of the line.

i have heard recent news now and then.
both good news and bad news. well i am not going to lie to u but most of them are in fact, bad news.
i have been involved quite some time now with a forum which helped me in alot of ways. this forum i will later on post in the upcoming topic.
back to the topic, the bad news of what i am trying to say is that the lifeline of a private cadet pilot is being jeopardized by certain rumors of Majlis Amanah Rakyat Malaysia(MARA) will stop providing loans and financial aids to the upcoming cadet who wanted to apply for the cadet pilot programme.
this is indeed very sad ladies and gentlemen.
well as i told u before...its not proven to be true yet. but it is something we should never take our eyes off.
the reason they are stopping the financial aid programme is mainly because of their insufficient dana or savings that they will use to help those pilot wannabes and the upcoming wannabes.
this is because, mainly a large amount of despicable loaners who had already graduated from their respective flying school refuses to pay back the amount that they had took from MARA in the given amount of time.
that is sooo wrong.. dah pinjam tu x reti reti ke nak bayar balik?buat buat lupe ke? ni ker orang melayu? bodo.

many of my forum buddies have stated their unsatisfactory to this rumor because they need the money to further pursue their dreams.
i will surely get to the bottom of this soon and keep u all on the updates later aite?

Please MARA dont stop providing is us money and hope. We need u so-so much!!.

in my case, MARA is a goverment organization which helps alot of bumiputra's to get financial aids a.k.a money to pursue their studies.

Monday, March 23, 2009

All i wanted to say.

mase tga 'browse' kat youtube malam semalam,
terjumpa pulak lagu ni.
memang menusuk kalbu betul.
mcm nak nanges pon ade.
i want u guys to enjoy this video and fell the same way i felt.
to any of u guys there feels the same way like i do,
never give up and be strong.
to Miss L, this is for u.

FedEx plane crashes on landing at Narita airport : pilot, co-pilot killed

NARITA — A FedEx cargo plane crash-landed and burst into flames early Monday morning at Narita International Airport, east of Tokyo, killing the two U.S. crew members aboard and causing widespread flight disruption at Japan’s largest international gateway.

Transport ministry and other investigators believe the accident was partly caused by strong winds buffeting the MD-11 aircraft as it attempted to land at around 6:50 a.m. Winds of up to 72 kilometers per hour were blowing in the vicinity of the airport at the time.

Before landing, airport traffic controllers warned the plane of the possibility of wind shear—a condition in which wind speed and direction suddenly change—up to at an altitude of 600 meters, according to the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry.

It is the first fatal aircraft accident at Narita airport since it opened in 1978, according to the airport operating company.

The airport’s main A Runway, on which the cargo plane touched down, was closed in the wake of the accident, while the B Runway is operating. A total of 35 flights, mostly international and including those heading to New York, have been canceled and 18 arriving flights have been rerouted to other airports, the transport ministry said.

The aircraft, Flight 80 from Guangzhou, China, had flammable liquid aboard, according to the transport ministry. It took firefighters about two hours to extinguish the blaze, which completely destroyed the aircraft.

Two men were rescued from the cockpit at around 8 a.m. but were confirmed dead at a nearby hospital, the Chiba prefectural police said.

The police said they confirmed with FedEx that the crew members of the flight were Kevin Kyle Mosley, 54, the pilot, and Anthony Stephen Pino, 49, the co-pilot—both U.S. citizens.

Video footage showed the plane touching down on its rear wheels and its nose slamming into the runway.

The plane bounced and its left wing hit the ground, bursting into flames. It then flopped over and veered off the runway with flames coming from the center of the fuselage.

Source : Japan Today


Scary incident, very bad landing.very strong winds they say. RIP pilots. God bless u both

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Abort, abort!!.

for the last 2 days..ive been moaning in pain on my bed.
arghh i thought that i was immune to all this bullshit because i cant even remember when was the last time i've been hit by one.(i thought i was immortal?LOL)
hahaha yes, i've been capsized by the common disease not a single soul in this bloody world had never heard of....FEVER.

damn it it was painstaking at first. i thought i was just a normal dizziness that i always had when i think about something too much. but this one proves to be a lil bit different from the rest.

it started at 10 pm when suddenly i felt that my body temp was abit high. no thermometer what so ever. i know my body okay? duhh then i started thinking 'ni kalau tido ni misti ok je besok'. oh how stupendous that was. i cant even get a damn shut eye for 10 minutes!!. my whole body was on fire. hell i can even cook an egg for b'fast on my chest. yummy. =)

scrambled eggs. yummy!!

i hoofed up until 3 am in the morning where after that i said, this is nothing to be nego with. i have to take em bloody pills. searched high and low for acetaminophen... or we noobies commonly refer to the infamous PANADOL and soon after that, went straight back to bed.
still think i cant sleep huh? well sorry but not this time.

haha i spent the rest of my last 15 minutes at that moment reminiscing and wat we usualy call as daydreaming what my future will be with u know what & u know who. and an extra 5 minutes upon praying to the almighty. i mean..hey, he's got the power and anything can happen if he decides it. shortly after that, i dozed off. Gdnite people.

i woke up the following morning at around 9. thankful to the almighty that im still alive and feeling as strong a wild stallion again. yeeehaw!!.im sorry thats a cowboy. LOL. u get the picture. all of this reminds me again of how mortal i am. filled with flesh and bloody. kire xlupe diri la. wakakaka.