Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Absence.

sorry guys fr going MIA for a while.
well i don't think 'a while' might explain it but i'm back blogging and that's good news right?

things are going nuts these days. problems are overlapping on one another. crisis starts emerging and hope starts fading.

but hey, when there's a will, there's a way right mate?

if you all are wondering, i am just fine. its just that due to my lazy arse syndrome, i restrict myself from blogging hahaha.

oh okay, my latest dilemma that i wanted to highlight is my MARA loan application for my cadet pilot training. its not something i like to talk about but i will share it with all of you since some of you here don't really know who i am =).

i submitted my MARA application a LOOOONG time was in december last year i think.but i only managed to complete the form on february this year due to my my shallow knowledge for not getting the admission letter from APFT and hell, i was having a bad time convincing my dad to spoon out the 15k deposit to obtain the letter.

the worst part was, a week or two after i submitted the letter,i was informed that the interview will be conducted somewhere in the same month and yes i know my name would be shortlisted. but you just have to try now did ya?. yep turns out my predictions were true. there's no way my name would be in the database that fast.


as you all know, there were many recent changes in our country this year, mostly done by the government themselves. change this change that, shift this, shift that, my god they really nailed it. i mean, couldn't it be done later? oh i sayyy "after i get my bloody loan?"

many of my compatriots like myself are suffering from the same problem as you all know many of us bumi's rely solely on MARA because of the benefits they offer. its practically irresistible ya know? and now the economy crisis strikes hard on the face of the earth and affecting the amount of funds the government can get to spend on us. so basically we're on ground zero, going back to the drawing board to find other alternatives in order to support our dreams.

but hey, i forgot to mention. those who send their application forms after february got a letter from MARA stating that their application can't be considered and yet some of my friends including myself, haven't got the letter 'yet'.

i mean, i was wondering.. maybe there's a slight possibility that some of us went through? and will be given a chance to obtain the loan? god knows. thats what i'm hoping for the most right now.
If not, either try the bank or refinance the house then which neither both i hope it does not come to.

Dear God, i'm so freaking scared to check my mails nowadays. I'd scare any postman that comes near my house ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Queen of Hearts. ILYSDM

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.. happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you MOM!!!. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!

ure the best theing that has ever happened to me.
i love you so so much!!.
gosh i dont know where to start.
thank you for giving birth to me.
thank you for loving me.
thank you for feeding me.
thank you for standing up to me.
thank you for covering me.
thank you for nagging me
thank you for supporting me
thank you for being there throughout my pain and happy moments.
thank you for making me feel special.
thank you for making me to be the person who i am right now.
thank you for teaching me how to be independent.
thank you for being so carefree and sporting.

Each and every moment of my life is incomplete without you.



Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, dapat mencapai segala apa yg diinginkan serta gembira menjalani kehidupan bersama orang yang tersayang.

one of the greatest mother one child could possibly have was born on 20th of April, more than 4 decades ago.

anyone who wishes to wish my mother a happy birthday please do so by leaving a comment in the comment box. thank you.

Wekkkkkkkkkkk. :P

to a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very important important important important important important important important important important important important person to me, today was her birthday. just now when i was Google-ing for a perfect birthday song for her, i found this particular song. so i would like to dedicate this awesome and meaningful song to her as a part of my birthday present for her special day.

her birthday was on the 21th of April 1990. which marks the 19th year of her existence. happy sweet 19 to u ;). as u grow, i will always be by your side to support you. may ALLAH bless your soul with infinite love, fortune and many more. as i promised, this is for u MISS D.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tulang Blakang saya Sakit.

ntah knape ntah.
tetibe jek ley sakit.
aku ni ade osteoporosis ke?
cam muda sgt je tulang aku nak retak hahah.
meibi tensen sgt kot?
ke pemalas sgt.
korang rase?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weird Stuff.

today i went to 99 market near my house.
there my mum asked me to buy something for tomorrow's lunch.
i saw some familiar faces there.
ahh it was my old juniors who came out of high school after SPM last year.
theyre looking good.
well when i was done shopping i went to the cashier.

cashier : eh ni abg ***** kan?

eddy : ye saye..kamu ni...ohh yes saya ingat awak. dulu skola same kan?

cashier : yup yup emm sebnarnye saya nak mintak pertolongan la kat abg *****.

eddy : huh? ape die?? ckp jer la.

cashier : nak mintak tolong ajar ermm malu la nak cakap :P.

eddy : huh? nak mintak tolong ajar ape? abg bkn nyer pndi sgt pon (chewahhh). cakap jer la.

cashier : saya nak abg tolong ajar saya shuffle boleh? *wink*

eddy : haaa uhhhh?? errrr (da habis bayar, org sume tga beratur tunggu giliran). oh awak ade bnyk customer la xpe nanti kite borak next time k?

cashier : okayy ;).

conclusion is : i am so not going to come to that 99 market next time. that girl creeps me out. her wink gave me shivers to my spine. haha someone save me!!. and i honestly think that she does not want to learn how to shuffle only. what do u guys think?

Riverside Cottage.

hey again.

haha this week is one hell of a week for me.
study, summarize and many more. phew those made me work extra efficient considering i have a lazy arse syndrome.
anyways im not here to tell u all about that.
2 days ago my dad came back from his work trip to Sarawak.
beautiful place, beautiful country, beautiful food and yes u guys out there..Beautiful Chicks. haha i mean the chicken younglings :P
well then so my dad came home with 2 extra luggage and i was starting to ponder what those luggages are.
the first one was okay. it was big but when i take a look inside, it was just some normal piece of cloth and some batik wrapped inside it.
haha my father also brought back some ackward utensils that were made from woods.. yep u heard me. woods.

ure everyday eating & cooking utensils. pictures include spoon, forks and a pair of chopsticks
items above are not for sale thank you. ;)

hohoho. so that was in the first bag.
these second one was pretty mysterious.
dad usually use these type of bags to store his clothes. but what was it doing in the kitchen?
one way to find out haha.
i feel that the bag was cooler than the surroundings and a puddle of water has formed below the bag.
sounds exciting eyh? i lifted the bag for a while and felt tremendous weight the bag has.
yeah, im getting all curious too to find out whats in the bag LOL.
care to make a guess?

time is up. u guessed wrong. haha.

lets find out what is is shall we?

well i opened up the bag and discovered a layer of newspapers.. heck newspapers alone wont add up to the weight that i have lifted just now.
so i dig deeper. and try to feel whats inside when suddenly,

OUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!. owh **** something bit me!!!!.

haha and i was like.. oh god what if its a poisonous animal? im gona die im gona die. LOL haha nope sorry thats no what happened.

i checked my finger if theres any sign of successful penetration of a foreign object.. or blood.
turns out there was nothing there. (damnit eddy ure such a wussy) LOL.

so then i removed all the newspapers and looked whats inside. lord knows how shocked i was to find what was in that god forsaken luggage. bwahahahahaha i dont know how to describe it at first but as i take a closer look, it all came to me that my dad brought home 2 dozens of lobsters in his bag..oh wait did i just said lobsters?. ;).

well they are not alive thats for sure. my first thought was 'how in the world did my dad passed the customs?'. same question still ponders me up untill now.

so i took all of em lobsters out from the bag and stuffed em up neatly in the refrigerator. my refrigerator was soo full untill we have to rearrage all of the items in it. damn u lobster.
here's a sneek peek on how the lobsters look like if u havent seen 1.

inside the refrigerator.

from the left side

from the right side

this is how i first found them.

hahahaha well the next day, i did a little experiment with them and this is how they all turned out to be.

try to guess what dish is this?


damn delicious wehhh.

never in my life i have ever thought that lobster could be so tasty. u guys should try it too!!.
compliments to the chef!!. hahahaa.
thats all for now.

im having my self some fine lobster :).
talk to u guys later!

Salah siapa saya berubah?

akhir akhir ni.
da makin laen da.
makan xkenyang. tidur xlena.
kredit handphone slalu topap.(duit semakin kurang)
handphone slalu charge.
senyuman semakin lebar.
muka makin ceria.
tidor makin lewat.
chatting makin kuat.
keterujaan semakin membuak buak.
hati makin selesa.

saya sudah makin berubah.
bukan yg sama seperti dulu.
salah siapa ye?

Monday, April 6, 2009


Morning to u too!!.

thank you for the swift reply.
swear to god i wont make u feel that same way again.
yeah, ure absolutely right. we need to move on.
and ill be right here to support u.

i know u didnt mean it.
apology accepted.
make sure the autopilot is disengaged

u paint my first smile today. thank you.

kite xamek ati pon aite? x perlu nak mintak maaf.
any one with a grieving past would do the same.
eh! askem 50 sen with coklat!!
haha jadi tamak sebentar.


i promised someone that i will publish new post about my family's adventure the day when they all went to bandung, indonesia. but in a matter of discrete urgency, that post will be put on hold. its 0431 hours right now and i just cant get my eyes to shut as something disturbingly terrible happened today. as an act of honesty, i accidentally scratched a person's heart which as a result ticked her off with the nightmares of old memories.

i honestly dont know anything about that part of her past. and seriously,, if i would have known earlier.. that issue would have never been brought up in the first place. but i thought the person ought to know by now the nature of my dark side.trying to be every good frens want to be, as honest as i can. i know its disturbing but please, i did not commence in any negative activities while i was there. i never did AND i never will. the reason i wrote all this is not because i want u to forgive me or anything. i want you to know that i was telling the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth. its up to you to believe me or not. i intend to clear u of any doubts that u have against me.

i was very sad to see how disturbed u are by tainted memories of your past that i have resulted in due to my actions. the moment i told everything. ure mood changed drastically. i was suppose to make u happy today but instead, i did something terribly wrong. im such a dick :(.

remember, i am eddy. not anyone else in particular. not everybody will lie to u. nor will i. right now, u know me more than other strangers do. dont judge me by that matter alone...judge me by what u know about me. those moments we had, they were no fakes. those are 100% pure eddy. let bygones be bygones remember? thats what u said to me. haha regretfulness are all over the place. as the old malay saying kerna nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

i hope u read this soon. its intended only for u. please give me ur response soon. it would mean alot to me and last but not least, do take care of urself.

p/s : i will stop going if u want me to. if it bothers u that much. it does not worth for what we've established right now.

my sincerest apologies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am Rock.

smalam aku ade day off ngan member2 band aku. namenyer PASTI. i know, sounds lame right? haha but who cares what other people think. shiok dowhhhh. ahh crap we went out at 1400 hours. i went to pick up Benjo and then head straight away to Slay's house. kat sane Sharkhead was already waiting for us. then we all went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. hahaha kat sane kitorang sempat usha awek2 yg single dan juga yg bersame dengan pasangan masing2. ehem, bukan usha sebenar nya. lebih kepada mengutuk. diorang la, bukan aku. aku budak baik :P.

dah puas mengutuk, kami pon bertolak ke kedai makan feveret kami iaitu restoran al-mamak al-bidayah. i had for myself a roti telur cheese...sedap woooo haha sorry no photo dis time :)

dah puas memenuhkan perut kitorang pon bertolak ke taman rakyat yang merupakan sebuah taman rekriasi yg terkenal di klang :). kat sane pown nk usha awek juga. ops nak cuci mate laa ahha bese la. boys will be boys. ehh but we all did run a few laps in our jeans. whose bloody idea was that? grrrr.

then we all went back at 1900 hours.

kat uma aku online jap sambil text bersame mereka mereka yg aku berkenan *wink*.
told Miss D i'd save her from those zombies tonight hahaha.

at 2100 hours, i head off again to pick up my band mates at their house. eh aku ni cm driver lak kan? x aci btol. mentang mentang la aku ade kete. :(

then we went to bayu perdana cafe to hang out, kill time, dinner and most importantly... SHISHA. haha jangan mara ye cik anna, dyana dan lain2 :P.
it tasted awfulll. ive nvr tasted shisha that thick before. isap skali cam biar la diorg dulu isap. bagi rase tu ringan sket. they all smoke but i dont aite? why? allergic to cigar smokes.

ok then shortly after 0000 hours, we decided to do what we do best. JAMMING!!!!!. haha sume da start eksaited dahh.. giler sangap nak jamming. bese la..da lame xjumpe kann. so we head to the jamming studio nearest to us which is The Siren. without further a due, we all start synchornizing the tones and start warming up. i was the drummer but that nite, someone decides to try out the drums so i went up front as the lead singer zzzzzzz.
we start out with our own anthem. then follows it up with some hard rock songs like avenged sevenfold, lamb of god, metallica and many more. hell yeah the atmosphere was over the roof!!.
then we settled down with check yes juliet, face down by jumpsuit apparratus and last but not least, situasi by bunkface. i screamed like a girl who just saw justin timberlake at the backstage of a concert. haha screamed continuously untill i got sore throat today. :( bapak sakit dowh nak batuk & bersin pon rase. :'(

at 0215 hours, we left the studio to go kill some zombies!!!!!!. just kidding, not real zombies. its a computer game. left for dead 4 is a must play game. haha its a first person shooter u play with like an I am Legend kinda scenes and excitement. which means u must kill those son of bitches to survive. if was one heck of a game. the horor was everywhere. can even give u nightmares :).
in the end, we beat and smoked every one of those bitches and escaped. Miss D, i saved u ;).

at 0400 hours, we decided to head back home. said goodbye to each other and went to bed.
haha that particular day was bloody exciting. one of a kind. guys ure amazing. u realy helped me during my single days hahahaha.

thats all for now!! bye!!

p/s : sorry for my mixed up writings,spellings or such. i typed as fast as i could because I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

same story.

arini nak cite sal keta lagi. aritu aku dok tengok la satu cite ni kat AXN. die ade introduce sal satu keta ni. aku xpna dga plak keta ni so mase aku tengok cam lawa gileeeee. tros jato hati aku dan for sure teringin nak beli. lawa sioddd. tapi tadi aku check harge die kat internet menecah rm 121 USD tuuu. mampus papa kedana aku nak beli. campo ngan road tax lagi..haihhh. mimpi je la ye. owh yess its a sportscar. V8 engine. 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds kalo xsilap. and the name gran turismo.

bapak lawa dohhhh. elegan, u name it. well it looks like ill only admire u from far like i always do :).
unless ade diantara korang yg nak blanja la..aku on je!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Adoption. haha

during the weekend the other day, my parent and i went to THE BIG CITY in search of our latest addition to the family.
no they already have enough naughty pain in the arse kids..we're searching for a car for my moms upcoming birthday. shes turning to her end 40's next month so my dad want to buy her a car for her birthday (like my dad had never bought her one. all the cars at home are under her name!!).

so we went to damansara where a fren of my dads suggested that many of affordable car dealers where bunked. i drove the car to damansara that day..heck i was nervous when it comes to driving my mom tends to be such a pain..even a little mistake would trigger her nagging alarm. haha sorry mum. but i drove carefully that day since i dont wana lose both me n my parents lives.

we went to the first three car dealer shops where the specific type of car that my mom wants were not available at the moment.. what a rip off. dad took the wheels from there and drove us around the city to search for more shops.. our aims are those shops with alot of expensive executive cars. the car that we..well my mom wants should be there.

finally we saw one on display and went into the shop to examine it. yeps thats the one. my mom would like any other than this.. its suitable for the ladies she said.

thats right. its a mercedes benz c200 compressor sports coupe.

i told her to buy something bigger. like maybe the BMW 5 series or such.. but then again, we are not rich people.

we went to other stores too to compare prices and the condition of the cars. that days was such a gud treat for the eye. well i know i wont afford some cars in a million years but no harm done in imagining ya?

i also surveyed the price for my sister's future car.. but she can dream on haha. she asked me to buy her one but theres no way thats going to happen :P

toyota celica.

my car? this shud be gud enough dont u think? to imagine a pilot drive this to the airport.. soooo cool!! bwahahaha.

owh well, back to the story. the day ends with a smile from my mom..waiting fr her birthday to arrive. the car will be sent to our house by that time.. when it does, its my turn to experiment with the car.. hahah guess what diabolical plan i have in mind?? muahahaha.

signing off!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of the line.

i have heard recent news now and then.
both good news and bad news. well i am not going to lie to u but most of them are in fact, bad news.
i have been involved quite some time now with a forum which helped me in alot of ways. this forum i will later on post in the upcoming topic.
back to the topic, the bad news of what i am trying to say is that the lifeline of a private cadet pilot is being jeopardized by certain rumors of Majlis Amanah Rakyat Malaysia(MARA) will stop providing loans and financial aids to the upcoming cadet who wanted to apply for the cadet pilot programme.
this is indeed very sad ladies and gentlemen.
well as i told u before...its not proven to be true yet. but it is something we should never take our eyes off.
the reason they are stopping the financial aid programme is mainly because of their insufficient dana or savings that they will use to help those pilot wannabes and the upcoming wannabes.
this is because, mainly a large amount of despicable loaners who had already graduated from their respective flying school refuses to pay back the amount that they had took from MARA in the given amount of time.
that is sooo wrong.. dah pinjam tu x reti reti ke nak bayar balik?buat buat lupe ke? ni ker orang melayu? bodo.

many of my forum buddies have stated their unsatisfactory to this rumor because they need the money to further pursue their dreams.
i will surely get to the bottom of this soon and keep u all on the updates later aite?

Please MARA dont stop providing is us money and hope. We need u so-so much!!.

in my case, MARA is a goverment organization which helps alot of bumiputra's to get financial aids a.k.a money to pursue their studies.

Monday, March 23, 2009

All i wanted to say.

mase tga 'browse' kat youtube malam semalam,
terjumpa pulak lagu ni.
memang menusuk kalbu betul.
mcm nak nanges pon ade.
i want u guys to enjoy this video and fell the same way i felt.
to any of u guys there feels the same way like i do,
never give up and be strong.
to Miss L, this is for u.

FedEx plane crashes on landing at Narita airport : pilot, co-pilot killed

NARITA — A FedEx cargo plane crash-landed and burst into flames early Monday morning at Narita International Airport, east of Tokyo, killing the two U.S. crew members aboard and causing widespread flight disruption at Japan’s largest international gateway.

Transport ministry and other investigators believe the accident was partly caused by strong winds buffeting the MD-11 aircraft as it attempted to land at around 6:50 a.m. Winds of up to 72 kilometers per hour were blowing in the vicinity of the airport at the time.

Before landing, airport traffic controllers warned the plane of the possibility of wind shear—a condition in which wind speed and direction suddenly change—up to at an altitude of 600 meters, according to the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry.

It is the first fatal aircraft accident at Narita airport since it opened in 1978, according to the airport operating company.

The airport’s main A Runway, on which the cargo plane touched down, was closed in the wake of the accident, while the B Runway is operating. A total of 35 flights, mostly international and including those heading to New York, have been canceled and 18 arriving flights have been rerouted to other airports, the transport ministry said.

The aircraft, Flight 80 from Guangzhou, China, had flammable liquid aboard, according to the transport ministry. It took firefighters about two hours to extinguish the blaze, which completely destroyed the aircraft.

Two men were rescued from the cockpit at around 8 a.m. but were confirmed dead at a nearby hospital, the Chiba prefectural police said.

The police said they confirmed with FedEx that the crew members of the flight were Kevin Kyle Mosley, 54, the pilot, and Anthony Stephen Pino, 49, the co-pilot—both U.S. citizens.

Video footage showed the plane touching down on its rear wheels and its nose slamming into the runway.

The plane bounced and its left wing hit the ground, bursting into flames. It then flopped over and veered off the runway with flames coming from the center of the fuselage.

Source : Japan Today


Scary incident, very bad landing.very strong winds they say. RIP pilots. God bless u both

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Abort, abort!!.

for the last 2 days..ive been moaning in pain on my bed.
arghh i thought that i was immune to all this bullshit because i cant even remember when was the last time i've been hit by one.(i thought i was immortal?LOL)
hahaha yes, i've been capsized by the common disease not a single soul in this bloody world had never heard of....FEVER.

damn it it was painstaking at first. i thought i was just a normal dizziness that i always had when i think about something too much. but this one proves to be a lil bit different from the rest.

it started at 10 pm when suddenly i felt that my body temp was abit high. no thermometer what so ever. i know my body okay? duhh then i started thinking 'ni kalau tido ni misti ok je besok'. oh how stupendous that was. i cant even get a damn shut eye for 10 minutes!!. my whole body was on fire. hell i can even cook an egg for b'fast on my chest. yummy. =)

scrambled eggs. yummy!!

i hoofed up until 3 am in the morning where after that i said, this is nothing to be nego with. i have to take em bloody pills. searched high and low for acetaminophen... or we noobies commonly refer to the infamous PANADOL and soon after that, went straight back to bed.
still think i cant sleep huh? well sorry but not this time.

haha i spent the rest of my last 15 minutes at that moment reminiscing and wat we usualy call as daydreaming what my future will be with u know what & u know who. and an extra 5 minutes upon praying to the almighty. i mean..hey, he's got the power and anything can happen if he decides it. shortly after that, i dozed off. Gdnite people.

i woke up the following morning at around 9. thankful to the almighty that im still alive and feeling as strong a wild stallion again. yeeehaw!!.im sorry thats a cowboy. LOL. u get the picture. all of this reminds me again of how mortal i am. filled with flesh and bloody. kire xlupe diri la. wakakaka.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Medical Examination.

as promised to my fellow friends by me. now i will try to post my experience during my medical checkup for my pilot training.
for most of you all out there who is wondering what this is all about, medical checkup or also known as medical exam is one way way of determining how fit you are to fly. if u have a very bad heart condition, there is no way the doctor will have you airborne. get it?

the medical checkup is divided into several sections or tests if i may say so.

  1. urine test.
  2. x- ray.
  3. eye test.
  4. audiogram. (hearing test)
  5. interview with the doctor. (which includes testing your body response, pulse reading, sets of question related to ur health life, another eye test, and some basic checkups)
  6. electro-cardiogram. (send waves of electricity to measure the beat rate of ur heart. the results are later then shown on a graph chart.)
  7. done!!.
well honestly, i dont remember much about the day i went for my checkup except... i was really really nervous. yeap the first thing that crossed over my mind was.. ' what if i fail this test?' owh dear.. the 'what if' questions are all over me again.. but theres no way of telling me if i am fit to fly or not unless i take the test ryte?

and so i did. i took it on the 22th of october last year. made an appointment with the doctor a couple of days earlier. owh i am sorry, i forgot to tell you where i took it. ahahaha silly me. i took it at Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) medical centre. you can look up for it on the address below.

MAS Medical Centre (Subang, Selangor)
Sultan Abdul Aziz International Airport
47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603 7840 3114 Fax: 603 7846 2626.

i came there around 10 am with my mom and wasted 10 minutes upon searching for complex B. yeah MAS complex is kinda big so u have to move around to explore the unfamiliar territory. after we have found the complex, now its a matter or searching for the medical centre.. kudos to MAS upon providing visitors with various signboard to make life easier.

upon arriving to our destination.. we were greeted by a few nurses on the reception desk. very tender they are. hahaha. i was ask to fill up a form regarding my personal informations but they purposely didnt give me a pen just to test my awareness of the process.. but still. thats what mums are for. =).
i borrowed a pen from mum and then one of the nurses saw me and said 'ai? nak gune pen pon pinjam mak ke?, cmne nak jadi pilot ni?' .i shook my head down and continued onto filling up the form. hahahaha malu wehhh. my mom giggled upon my embarrassment. well im glad someone is having a blast. ekkkkeke.

after i submitted the form to one of the nurses..she asked me to sit and wait for my turn. my eyes quickly shifted into 'searchlight mode' where i will observemy new surroundings in hope of stumbling upon something interesting. and of course i did!. there was alot of peeps that day doing their medical checkups..i can see LAE's (licenced aircraft enngineer), TAME's (aircraft maintenance engineer trainee) and a few stewardess as well.

i went through those test with anxiety apart from being bloody nervous about something that might be wrong with me.. any disease that i might not knw of..who knows?
but in the end.. here's what the medical certificate looks like.

and if any of you there got any doubts and questions regarding this topic. feel free to reach me. i will help you as much as i can.
till then~~.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentines. <3

so u ll must be pretty upset about me not telling who that person up there is huh?
well to tell ya the truth..she was the one where i get most of my inspirations from.but note this..i did not admit aniting to u guys out there about this special girl so don't make any assumptions or what so ever aite? she has been my crush for almost three years now.

why i did not tell her how i feel about her? well its kinda complicated at that time but i don't need to explain things to u. up until now.. i don't want to bother her with her studies and second of all, one of our most excruciating fears one admirer can get, rejection.

lemme tell u abit more about this girl.shes practically my age.intelligent, brilliant, charismatic, beautiful, pretty aggressive tho, and quite the character too.believe me..once u've laid ur pair of eyes on her, this will go differently henceforth. =).

well that is just the outside that we're talking the inside...ever wonder how your future wife will be?buzz off...shes not like dat. haha. u will knw it once u get to know her better.IF ure lucky that is.we shall refer her as L from now on.curious?dont be..ever heard of curiosity kill the cat?ure the cat..and I'm the one who's gonna kill ya. ehehe.

well here's a little bit of history between me and her.sad history actually.tell me I'm kind enough to share my sweet and sour memories with u.well i met L in a tuition centre apparently. haha its a very popular tuition centre here in Klang. its called *** *****. =).
that time i was still single and available.and well,u know..young blood always wander around in the cities looking for something..or someone new. but hey i went for tuition to to wander or laze around wasting my precious time and my parents money..L came for class abit late that day..and yeah i gazed my eyes upon such beauty for the first time that day..owh ya L is not the kind of person in which dress to kill is a necessity. its tuition for gods sake..not a wedding ceremony. L barged into the classroom with a rush knowing that the teacher is going to be quite grumpy and the fact that she is shy with the other upon her late arrival.
well mates?do u believe in love at first sight? i don't. but i do believe in an emotional condition whereby a person feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first encounter with the stranger. The term may be used to refer to a mere sexual attraction or crush, but it usually refers to actually falling in love with someone literally the very first time one sees him or her, along with the deep desire to have an intimate relationship with that person. The stranger may or may not be aware that the other person has any such notion, and may not even be aware of the other person's presence (such as in a crowded place). Sometimes two people experience this phenomenon towards each other at the same time, usually when their eyes meet.(source = wikipedia). in which this exactly how she looks like during our first encounter.

lady in red.
red = Liverpool!

well?got a glimpse at what coming for ya? haha then as u all a very shy guy..and i don't get along with strangers very well(especially girls). i don't know how to talk to a girl in a proper 'ice-breaking' way.i swallowed my feelings right down to my guts and move on with my life. a few days passed by and i was giving up hoping that one day L will come and say hi to me (most of the girl there does). that's what i told u before..L is different from the others.

but,even if i have the guts to say hi to her..i don't know what else to say to her ahahaha get the picture?but eventually we did say hi to each other. man am i glad we did. =). we talked ALOT and got to know each other better. one more thing i like about her was her fluency and adequateness in english.. up until now.. chick with english fluency really turns me on hahahaha. believe me.. u don't want to interrupt our conversation because we pretty much use different foreign accents to compete with one another.. which eventually puzzles everyone who heard us talking.

after we ended our schooling days..we kept each other informed about how we've been doing these days via friendster and after we got our SPM results..L decided to continue her studies in a profession which L loves (i think) and after several years..she will be flying to JAPAN to further extend her knowledge there.i made a promise to myself. that one day. i will personally find L by hook or by crook and let her hear out my confessions of what i have been saving for her for the very last time. i know...L is going to be pretty shocked about it. but what ever her reactions would be after that, i don't really care about it ryte now.. all i wanted to do is to confess and tell what i want her to know what i felt. that's it. and so L, you are my valentines today and u will always be my valentines. <3.

Happy Valentines day. <3

wish me luck guys.
and L, i really really miss you.
because of you, HEART WITH WINGS is born and will continue to fly until it finally reach its destination.

to all readers, im sorry to have wasted ur precious time reading this post. but its important for me you!!!.

until then~~.bye!

Evening Masquerade with 3 Sexy Foxes

you all must be wondering what is this masquerade about huh?
well its not a mask party anyway.its my blog so i will put what i want in it. haha.

do you all have any cute chicks living right next door?
the ones that u will rather enjoy to hang out with and talk to? ones that are really adorable and eatable as well miahahaha. well i have mine and ive been hanging out with them every evening and enjoyed their company ALOT.

ready to feast your eyes on a fox? because you are so in for a few. =). my mischievous neighbours.first we have Isha.quite the name huh?and im telling you..shes quite the character.extremely energetic and seems very lively in each day. shes got a very beautiful smile and even a demonic laugh as well.Dont make her yell at you though...because u wont be able to hear anything else around you for 5 minutes.

heres my first fox.

cute isn't she?

i told you..shes quite the foxy lady.the sneaky characteristic that she's got within her just completes the package.

the second one will be Wafa.she is Isha's elder Wafa is less mischievous than her little sister but somewhat more energetic and can easily overcome a guy on her age.who's the girly girl now eh?and owh man is she aggressive..during our soccer activity,she tried to tackle the ball away from me eventhough she knows that she wont win the ball about the determination haha.well i eventually gave up and decided to let her have the ball..give her a chance la(ceh poyo je.padahal kalah).

ahaha and here she 2nd fox.

wadaya think guys?i'm open for applications now.

and last but not least...i save the best for the last okay?ahahaha.she is the youngest amongst all three.the cutest amongst all i guess?all three of them are also cute.
but this one is mine.restricted to any applications from you readers.
timid,humble,cute,funny,intelligent..ahh shes probably the special person that everyone wants.and shes got a very funny way of laughing too..i wish i can share it with you guys but too bad..i'm keeping this one for myself.
owh rude..i forgot to introduce her to you all..aww do i have to?

well everyone,meet Mia.

here's a close up for the crowd.

in the 'swinging' mood

a successful poser at the age of 3?

and so there you go..the three foxes entertaining my daily evening with unlimited laughter, excitement and joy..without all three of then i don't even know how would i survive my evenings.
here's a photo of all three of them together 'working' together as sisters..although this is the first time i saw all of them agreeing on something. =).

i'm sorry.i lied.they are still arguing on this time.haha

lastly to my friend and future colleague faiz..i am sorry bro.coz it didn't turn out like u imagined it would be but u gotta admit..they are three sexy foxes ryte?
(padan muka hang gatai sangat.amik sejibik!!.lukena beb.haha.)

till then~.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flash from the Past.

well tch yeah i would like to share with all of u guys my experiences and efforts when i got the crazy idea of becoming a pilot.
its always my pleasure to help and share things with other people.
information that is.

This time i will share with u guys the day that i went for my Asia Pacific Flight Training interview which is held on the 7th of May 2008.

i got the letter roughly around 2 weeks before the interview was held but the date on the letter said that the letter was released around 4 weeks earlier.
weird huh?wonder whose fault is that.

and so, with no time to spare..i began my preparations for the feeling of excitement and anxiety soon became sour with the mix emotions of fear and doubtfulness.but i kept my heart strong all the way so that i may prove to certain people that this is where i am going to stand firm on.
without further a due, i searched high and low about the latest aviation news that i can get my hands on.
until i stumbled upon this forum where there are a lot of info's regarding the aviation industry which includes ALL of the professions related to this field.
its a very interesting guys should check it out once in a while.

and so..with a little bit of research done..there is one more thing to do.PRAY.even though u are the smartest person on earth..if the force up there says 'no go'.its definitely a no-no to be thankful to what ever u have now because as we all is all because of HIM.


and so the day day that we all have been waiting for has arrived..or should i call it, the judgement day?now that is absurd,really.
my sis was suppose to pick me up and drive me all the way to Damansara but it looks like there has been a little mix up mom thought the letter says the interview was at 1 turns out that the letter stated that all candidates must report at approximately 1000 hrs which is equivalent to 10 am!!!!.I've been ready since 8 o'clock and i thought my mom was joking when she said i was excited to go there because i was all dressed up early that day.
so i called my sister (luckily she was awake that time) and asked her to pick me up now..its already 9 and i was worried that i wont make it in time.remember guys...punctuality is REALLY important in any meetings,dates..and as for this one, appointments.
ahem, my sister rushed back home to fetch me and in 20 Min's, we are off to Damansara.For the guys out there...don't try and challenge my big sis drag me.u will regret it ahaha.a journey that normally takes around 1 hour became like 25 Min's shit!!!!.

And so we finally reached our destination.with no time to spare (as the clock shows its 5 Min's after 10) i rushed into the building where APFT HQ is like a mad cow on strike and soon reached the fifth floor.when pushed the door to the office, everyone was outside waiting for something and i don't know what it is...i saw a name list on the door of the office and i quickly browsed my name on it.EUREKA!..there it is.!!.i asked around the folks there to know whether if the interview has started yet or not.i took a long deep breath when i found out that nobody has been called in yet.that means i am not late :).
after a while my sister showed up.

ed : eh sis i thought u got class today?

sis : no la..i made sure that i am free today because i wanted to accompany you to this interview.
you are my beloved brother what..

: okay cut the crap..what the hell do you want from me?

sis : how could you!!.say that to your own flesh and blood..after u're rich, buy me one Nissan

ed : i knew it..ure gonna ask me that damn question sooner or later..zzzz fine.i'll buy you
day,when you get my wedding present for you.okay?no more.

sis : okay..i know you love me. =)

ed : tch..what the hell..and don't worry..she will be back for me. haha.

after about 30 Min's of agonizing long wait..we were called in by the registrar to enter the office and then enter the briefing room for some sort of...exposure to the flying academy.most of the candidates came by themselves..some with their parents and this one guy came with his PLKN uniform on (bersemangat gilerrrr).kudos fr him.
we were presented with a movie..or should i say a slideshow projected by the LCD projector which took us about 15 Min's from the beginning of the show.after that we were asked to comfort ourselves in a meeting room which was later on being used for the interview.that is where i first saw Mejar Khalid.not bad for an old guy.aaahahahahaha.well he told us much about everything we need to know about the academy fr now and then he asked whether we have any questions or not.i have a lot of questions that i wanted to ask him but then again..i don't want to bore him,the other candidates and the parents about my sharp,ridiculous questions.

after that we had to wait outside the meeting room where the real 'torture' starts..yes,we have to wait we are waiting for our turn.i made quite a number f friends there.although our schools, idealism, and race differ,we could still have a chat about the one thing that we all have the passion sister also made a new friend with one of the parents first i thought it was her friends..that she knows the lady..but she told me they have just met.and i quickly became friends with her son.

after the second candidate went in..the registrar told the others that they must have a basic knowledge about aviation and about APFT when of the parents stood up and said,'how can our son know about all that?'..a stupid question indeed.yes i know how the father wants to help his 'clueless' son but i am sorry to say...the son himself does not qualify to be a pilot as his appearance totally wrecks the whole first impression stuff.get it?

i had quite a chat with his dad..they are from Singapore.came all the way here to attend the interview...haiyoh uncle..i pity you very much leh..i really do..but look at ur son?is that how a pilot looks like?he didn't even bring a tie with him?this is a an interview fr god's his father was the one who asked around for someone to lend his son their necktie..and the son was just sitting on the chair getting his arse all warmed up.what a dickhead.

lets cut the chase now shall we?I've noticed that i am writing a lot from just now..well i just wanted u all to see/experience things the way i did.
well I'm up.its my turn turning back.
as i entered the room.......there were 2 panels there consists of MK himself and the registrar.
p/s : i was smiling throughout the whole interview.

*close the door*

ed : may i have a seat, sir?

MK : yes, yes please have a then ******, tell us more about yourself.

ed : name is ................................................................................................................................
................(told them a lot about myself)..............................................................

MK : owh okay. good. so tell me, how does a helicopter fly?

ed : uh??*with a smile on my face* a helicopter, sir?(owh shit i am sooo dead...i wanted to be an
aircraft pilot..not a chopper pilot..owh **** how the hell am i gonna answer this shit?)

ed : can i make a guess, sir?( i knew i picked up this line somewhere in the web)

MK : sure, go on ahead.

ed : well a helicopter has...........................which generates force (always refer/relate to Bernoulli's
principle) and then lifts up the heli off the ground.

MK : very good it says here that u were born in Johore i right?

ed : yes u are sir.

MK : so tell me then, if i am a tourist from Germany and you are my tourist guide....please
explain to me about the interesting 'hotspots' there that you have in Johore.

ed : *grinned* (ahahah this very easy.i know JB like it was on the back of my palm.too cocky
eh?well I'm gonna get screwed.big time.)..well in Johore..they have...bla bla bla bla la.

*in the middle of the 'tourist's guide' excitement*

MK : ok stop!. i know la your english is good..but you talk too fast. like a NEPALESE. i am afraid
that the radio tower will nt understand your transmission later.(he's got a point there)

ed : *heads down* owh.i am very sorry sir. i promise you that will never happen again. thank
you sir.

MK : so who is going to finance your study?

ed : father, sir.ahahahah obviously i was lying about that.there is no way my dad is going
let it happen.owh but he will.its just that i don't want to trouble him.

MK : okay,very good..congratulations,, please wait for your psychomotor test.

ed : thank you, sir.*big fat smile all the way to the exit*

aahahah so thats about experience during my interview with them.extending huh?i know.
:).some of the guys had negative responses from the MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTE OF THIS :

a) do come here prepared..prepared for the worst as u may not know what will be next for u.

b) brush up on your english..even dummies know about this no english, no go.

c) dress smart.remember!, an interview is a formal dress appropriately and completely.

d) tidy up your hair.make sure you cut your hair short and use gel/wax to keep em tidy.

e) around with the other will feel less tensed.

f) make sure you eat before you went fr the interview.going with an empty tummy might give
you a really bad will affect your performance too.

g) don't get too cocky.look what i got?

h) always address the panels as sir or ma' will show how much we respect them.and how
disciplined/polite we are.

i) shake hands with the panels?if u have the chance to do so.

j) always smile..remember..1st impression is ALWAYS important.


p/s : to all who attend the same interview as i did..i am the tall/smart guy wearing all black with
a maroon tie. haha.

Introduction to a new member of the Fleet

hey guys im sure alot of u all out there know who i am but as for u all who dont..
heres a little bit much about me and my existence of course.

im gona make it pretty simple fr u yourselves out.


20th august 1990.(you do the math)


Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Made in Johore Bahru

3rd amongs four.have an elder brother,elder sister and one pain in the arse little sister.
but i love them all including my dear NADYA god sis. =)

Gud looking *wink*



Children to my dearest Parents.

Previously i was a student at SMK Taman Sri Andalas.

Now, Cadet pilot - Asia Pacific Flight Training, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
MARA sponsored.

Great Sense of humor.



Loyal Subject of ALLAH.

Loves flying , fast cars, aeroplanes excites me, cheese, cold drinks, travel,good people, good music, honest person, and much more.


Very good friend but i can be your worst enemy.

Would like to travel the whole world one day and be a captain for Emirates(its my dream job)
and fly both of my parents to fulfill their Haj with proud.

Hates those who are hypocrites, unfaithful, arrogant, absurd, lame, boring, weak, psikoes, perverts, assholes, braggers, losers, incompetent, and imbeciles.

As some may say, i can be a little bit weird sometimes..and for that..i am truly sorry...i am one easy going fella at one time but when i have nothing to discuss about..things can be pretty lame.

I like to hang out with my friends as i am an outdoor person.have this 'craze' about techno music.and yes i do shuffle and can do a little bit of tecktonik as well.still learning though.FYI, i dont smoke and i dont drink because i dont hink that is is a necessity for me to perform all those stupid action as it may harm our body..and yes i want to live long enough to see my great great great grandchidren have their own grandchildren :P.

Favourite colour?- BLACK and WHITE.

What else would you like to know about me?
just drop me a comment and i will respond to is A.S.A.P..well it also depends on the type of questions that is being asked.

Untill then, Cheers~!