Friday, February 13, 2009

Evening Masquerade with 3 Sexy Foxes

you all must be wondering what is this masquerade about huh?
well its not a mask party anyway.its my blog so i will put what i want in it. haha.

do you all have any cute chicks living right next door?
the ones that u will rather enjoy to hang out with and talk to? ones that are really adorable and eatable as well miahahaha. well i have mine and ive been hanging out with them every evening and enjoyed their company ALOT.

ready to feast your eyes on a fox? because you are so in for a few. =). my mischievous neighbours.first we have Isha.quite the name huh?and im telling you..shes quite the character.extremely energetic and seems very lively in each day. shes got a very beautiful smile and even a demonic laugh as well.Dont make her yell at you though...because u wont be able to hear anything else around you for 5 minutes.

heres my first fox.

cute isn't she?

i told you..shes quite the foxy lady.the sneaky characteristic that she's got within her just completes the package.

the second one will be Wafa.she is Isha's elder Wafa is less mischievous than her little sister but somewhat more energetic and can easily overcome a guy on her age.who's the girly girl now eh?and owh man is she aggressive..during our soccer activity,she tried to tackle the ball away from me eventhough she knows that she wont win the ball about the determination haha.well i eventually gave up and decided to let her have the ball..give her a chance la(ceh poyo je.padahal kalah).

ahaha and here she 2nd fox.

wadaya think guys?i'm open for applications now.

and last but not least...i save the best for the last okay?ahahaha.she is the youngest amongst all three.the cutest amongst all i guess?all three of them are also cute.
but this one is mine.restricted to any applications from you readers.
timid,humble,cute,funny,intelligent..ahh shes probably the special person that everyone wants.and shes got a very funny way of laughing too..i wish i can share it with you guys but too bad..i'm keeping this one for myself.
owh rude..i forgot to introduce her to you all..aww do i have to?

well everyone,meet Mia.

here's a close up for the crowd.

in the 'swinging' mood

a successful poser at the age of 3?

and so there you go..the three foxes entertaining my daily evening with unlimited laughter, excitement and joy..without all three of then i don't even know how would i survive my evenings.
here's a photo of all three of them together 'working' together as sisters..although this is the first time i saw all of them agreeing on something. =).

i'm sorry.i lied.they are still arguing on this time.haha

lastly to my friend and future colleague faiz..i am sorry bro.coz it didn't turn out like u imagined it would be but u gotta admit..they are three sexy foxes ryte?
(padan muka hang gatai sangat.amik sejibik!!.lukena beb.haha.)

till then~.


  1. u really damn shit pervert.. i was seriously expecting something 'special'.. and i was very patient scrolling down to page to wait for what i had expected, but then it turned out THIS WAY?? shit3.. i thought that u put the picture of her during her childish followed by another picture until what she is now.. u take revenge huh? !@#$#@$!@#%$@#!$

  2. aint revenge just sweet bebeh?
    u punked i punked u.