Thursday, April 9, 2009

Riverside Cottage.

hey again.

haha this week is one hell of a week for me.
study, summarize and many more. phew those made me work extra efficient considering i have a lazy arse syndrome.
anyways im not here to tell u all about that.
2 days ago my dad came back from his work trip to Sarawak.
beautiful place, beautiful country, beautiful food and yes u guys out there..Beautiful Chicks. haha i mean the chicken younglings :P
well then so my dad came home with 2 extra luggage and i was starting to ponder what those luggages are.
the first one was okay. it was big but when i take a look inside, it was just some normal piece of cloth and some batik wrapped inside it.
haha my father also brought back some ackward utensils that were made from woods.. yep u heard me. woods.

ure everyday eating & cooking utensils. pictures include spoon, forks and a pair of chopsticks
items above are not for sale thank you. ;)

hohoho. so that was in the first bag.
these second one was pretty mysterious.
dad usually use these type of bags to store his clothes. but what was it doing in the kitchen?
one way to find out haha.
i feel that the bag was cooler than the surroundings and a puddle of water has formed below the bag.
sounds exciting eyh? i lifted the bag for a while and felt tremendous weight the bag has.
yeah, im getting all curious too to find out whats in the bag LOL.
care to make a guess?

time is up. u guessed wrong. haha.

lets find out what is is shall we?

well i opened up the bag and discovered a layer of newspapers.. heck newspapers alone wont add up to the weight that i have lifted just now.
so i dig deeper. and try to feel whats inside when suddenly,

OUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!. owh **** something bit me!!!!.

haha and i was like.. oh god what if its a poisonous animal? im gona die im gona die. LOL haha nope sorry thats no what happened.

i checked my finger if theres any sign of successful penetration of a foreign object.. or blood.
turns out there was nothing there. (damnit eddy ure such a wussy) LOL.

so then i removed all the newspapers and looked whats inside. lord knows how shocked i was to find what was in that god forsaken luggage. bwahahahahaha i dont know how to describe it at first but as i take a closer look, it all came to me that my dad brought home 2 dozens of lobsters in his bag..oh wait did i just said lobsters?. ;).

well they are not alive thats for sure. my first thought was 'how in the world did my dad passed the customs?'. same question still ponders me up untill now.

so i took all of em lobsters out from the bag and stuffed em up neatly in the refrigerator. my refrigerator was soo full untill we have to rearrage all of the items in it. damn u lobster.
here's a sneek peek on how the lobsters look like if u havent seen 1.

inside the refrigerator.

from the left side

from the right side

this is how i first found them.

hahahaha well the next day, i did a little experiment with them and this is how they all turned out to be.

try to guess what dish is this?


damn delicious wehhh.

never in my life i have ever thought that lobster could be so tasty. u guys should try it too!!.
compliments to the chef!!. hahahaa.
thats all for now.

im having my self some fine lobster :).
talk to u guys later!


  1. hahaha,
    sedapnye lobster!!!!!!!!!

    nak gak nak gak nak gak.

  2. hahahhaa....thats funny lah eddy..

    i was wonderin whats inside d luggage while readin dis post and...hahahaha....2 dozens of lobsters?

    hahaha...damn funny lah eddy..LOL

    eddy, d dish looks delicious lah. u cooked it, aite? yummeh ~! hahaha...

  3. dipersilakan datang kerumah hamba wahai tuan puteri

    utk u i sediakan lobster masak lemak hahaha.
    bagi u berlemak sket :P

  4. haha thanks ain,

    hahaha well u should have seen the looks on my face when i first found out about it.

    yess i cooked it with the help of a few helpers of course :)

    kalau anda bijak bestari, cubalah teka masakan apa yg ada didalam kuali ;)