Monday, April 6, 2009


i promised someone that i will publish new post about my family's adventure the day when they all went to bandung, indonesia. but in a matter of discrete urgency, that post will be put on hold. its 0431 hours right now and i just cant get my eyes to shut as something disturbingly terrible happened today. as an act of honesty, i accidentally scratched a person's heart which as a result ticked her off with the nightmares of old memories.

i honestly dont know anything about that part of her past. and seriously,, if i would have known earlier.. that issue would have never been brought up in the first place. but i thought the person ought to know by now the nature of my dark side.trying to be every good frens want to be, as honest as i can. i know its disturbing but please, i did not commence in any negative activities while i was there. i never did AND i never will. the reason i wrote all this is not because i want u to forgive me or anything. i want you to know that i was telling the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth. its up to you to believe me or not. i intend to clear u of any doubts that u have against me.

i was very sad to see how disturbed u are by tainted memories of your past that i have resulted in due to my actions. the moment i told everything. ure mood changed drastically. i was suppose to make u happy today but instead, i did something terribly wrong. im such a dick :(.

remember, i am eddy. not anyone else in particular. not everybody will lie to u. nor will i. right now, u know me more than other strangers do. dont judge me by that matter alone...judge me by what u know about me. those moments we had, they were no fakes. those are 100% pure eddy. let bygones be bygones remember? thats what u said to me. haha regretfulness are all over the place. as the old malay saying kerna nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

i hope u read this soon. its intended only for u. please give me ur response soon. it would mean alot to me and last but not least, do take care of urself.

p/s : i will stop going if u want me to. if it bothers u that much. it does not worth for what we've established right now.

my sincerest apologies.