Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am Rock.

smalam aku ade day off ngan member2 band aku. namenyer PASTI. i know, sounds lame right? haha but who cares what other people think. shiok dowhhhh. ahh crap we went out at 1400 hours. i went to pick up Benjo and then head straight away to Slay's house. kat sane Sharkhead was already waiting for us. then we all went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi. hahaha kat sane kitorang sempat usha awek2 yg single dan juga yg bersame dengan pasangan masing2. ehem, bukan usha sebenar nya. lebih kepada mengutuk. diorang la, bukan aku. aku budak baik :P.

dah puas mengutuk, kami pon bertolak ke kedai makan feveret kami iaitu restoran al-mamak al-bidayah. i had for myself a roti telur cheese...sedap woooo haha sorry no photo dis time :)

dah puas memenuhkan perut kitorang pon bertolak ke taman rakyat yang merupakan sebuah taman rekriasi yg terkenal di klang :). kat sane pown nk usha awek juga. ops nak cuci mate laa ahha bese la. boys will be boys. ehh but we all did run a few laps in our jeans. whose bloody idea was that? grrrr.

then we all went back at 1900 hours.

kat uma aku online jap sambil text bersame mereka mereka yg aku berkenan *wink*.
told Miss D i'd save her from those zombies tonight hahaha.

at 2100 hours, i head off again to pick up my band mates at their house. eh aku ni cm driver lak kan? x aci btol. mentang mentang la aku ade kete. :(

then we went to bayu perdana cafe to hang out, kill time, dinner and most importantly... SHISHA. haha jangan mara ye cik anna, dyana dan lain2 :P.
it tasted awfulll. ive nvr tasted shisha that thick before. isap skali cam biar la diorg dulu isap. bagi rase tu ringan sket. they all smoke but i dont aite? why? allergic to cigar smokes.

ok then shortly after 0000 hours, we decided to do what we do best. JAMMING!!!!!. haha sume da start eksaited dahh.. giler sangap nak jamming. bese la..da lame xjumpe kann. so we head to the jamming studio nearest to us which is The Siren. without further a due, we all start synchornizing the tones and start warming up. i was the drummer but that nite, someone decides to try out the drums so i went up front as the lead singer zzzzzzz.
we start out with our own anthem. then follows it up with some hard rock songs like avenged sevenfold, lamb of god, metallica and many more. hell yeah the atmosphere was over the roof!!.
then we settled down with check yes juliet, face down by jumpsuit apparratus and last but not least, situasi by bunkface. i screamed like a girl who just saw justin timberlake at the backstage of a concert. haha screamed continuously untill i got sore throat today. :( bapak sakit dowh nak batuk & bersin pon rase. :'(

at 0215 hours, we left the studio to go kill some zombies!!!!!!. just kidding, not real zombies. its a computer game. left for dead 4 is a must play game. haha its a first person shooter u play with like an I am Legend kinda scenes and excitement. which means u must kill those son of bitches to survive. if was one heck of a game. the horor was everywhere. can even give u nightmares :).
in the end, we beat and smoked every one of those bitches and escaped. Miss D, i saved u ;).

at 0400 hours, we decided to head back home. said goodbye to each other and went to bed.
haha that particular day was bloody exciting. one of a kind. guys ure amazing. u realy helped me during my single days hahahaha.

thats all for now!! bye!!

p/s : sorry for my mixed up writings,spellings or such. i typed as fast as i could because I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM NOW!!!!!


  1. hui.nak pi toilet pi la toilet dulu.ape plak taip lepas tu tak sabar nak pi toilet.aneh lho~~~

    haha.apekah?mn ade sy marah shisha.miss d tak tau la kan.haha.

  2. haha mase tga taip tu tetiba rase nak ter*****.
    hahahahaha. tak snonoh la anna ni.

    anna xmarah ke? :). miss D?err ntah la :P

  3. eh.orang jugak yang kena part tak senonoh tu.sape ntah yang tulis.aiyoyo machaaaaa~!!!

    haha.klu den marah,bio eden sajolah yang tau.kan miss d kan miss d kan?haha.

  4. ishk2,
    tadikan miss D suruh i marahkan you sebb shisha..
    die cakap tidak baik untuk kesihatan..
    and miss D cakap thanx sebab save her from those ugly zombie..hahahaha..

    lewat balik ye cik abg..(tgh geleng kepala)

  5. haha dyana,
    aww ckp miss D im sorry, i xtau lak yg die xsuke :(.
    xbaik utk kesihatan ke???? org kate ok jer.
    for those fugly zombiess, shes welcome. id be glad to save her from them every day :)

    geleng2? marah la tu :'(
    sorry sorry. da over eksaited sgt. :P forgive me!!

    anna u x kesa ke sal i? :)