Monday, March 30, 2009

Adoption. haha

during the weekend the other day, my parent and i went to THE BIG CITY in search of our latest addition to the family.
no they already have enough naughty pain in the arse kids..we're searching for a car for my moms upcoming birthday. shes turning to her end 40's next month so my dad want to buy her a car for her birthday (like my dad had never bought her one. all the cars at home are under her name!!).

so we went to damansara where a fren of my dads suggested that many of affordable car dealers where bunked. i drove the car to damansara that day..heck i was nervous when it comes to driving my mom tends to be such a pain..even a little mistake would trigger her nagging alarm. haha sorry mum. but i drove carefully that day since i dont wana lose both me n my parents lives.

we went to the first three car dealer shops where the specific type of car that my mom wants were not available at the moment.. what a rip off. dad took the wheels from there and drove us around the city to search for more shops.. our aims are those shops with alot of expensive executive cars. the car that we..well my mom wants should be there.

finally we saw one on display and went into the shop to examine it. yeps thats the one. my mom would like any other than this.. its suitable for the ladies she said.

thats right. its a mercedes benz c200 compressor sports coupe.

i told her to buy something bigger. like maybe the BMW 5 series or such.. but then again, we are not rich people.

we went to other stores too to compare prices and the condition of the cars. that days was such a gud treat for the eye. well i know i wont afford some cars in a million years but no harm done in imagining ya?

i also surveyed the price for my sister's future car.. but she can dream on haha. she asked me to buy her one but theres no way thats going to happen :P

toyota celica.

my car? this shud be gud enough dont u think? to imagine a pilot drive this to the airport.. soooo cool!! bwahahaha.

owh well, back to the story. the day ends with a smile from my mom..waiting fr her birthday to arrive. the car will be sent to our house by that time.. when it does, its my turn to experiment with the car.. hahah guess what diabolical plan i have in mind?? muahahaha.

signing off!!


  1. haaaa boleh pn komen..

    kaya siott cox.. mak bapak aku xmampu nk pakai kete mcm tuu.. syukur cox

  2. hahahaha.
    tu agaknye last car yg dad aku akn beli. eleh org nak retire.. aku tumpang jer.
    bukan aku punyer.

    nanti keje 1 company aku bwk ko pi airport okay? HARI HARI.

  3. jap last last keta apekah yang bakal dibeli?

  4. hahaha the next one yg pertame tu la..
    wane putey.
    mercedes tuhh.
    kite jln2 jummm

  5. hahaha u balik then baru citerrrr.

  6. pergh, kete conti, sume kete kat rumah aku kete proton jer. haha! :P


  7. la, kalo kete aku xpe jugakkkk. huhuhuhu.
    uma aku ade seko proton waja =P.
    support jugak kereta tempatan hahahaha.

  8. uisy.. ko bwk aku g LIMA nnt.. aku nk naek kete puteh tu.. xpn kaler silver huahuahua...