Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of the line.

i have heard recent news now and then.
both good news and bad news. well i am not going to lie to u but most of them are in fact, bad news.
i have been involved quite some time now with a forum which helped me in alot of ways. this forum i will later on post in the upcoming topic.
back to the topic, the bad news of what i am trying to say is that the lifeline of a private cadet pilot is being jeopardized by certain rumors of Majlis Amanah Rakyat Malaysia(MARA) will stop providing loans and financial aids to the upcoming cadet who wanted to apply for the cadet pilot programme.
this is indeed very sad ladies and gentlemen.
well as i told u before...its not proven to be true yet. but it is something we should never take our eyes off.
the reason they are stopping the financial aid programme is mainly because of their insufficient dana or savings that they will use to help those pilot wannabes and the upcoming wannabes.
this is because, mainly a large amount of despicable loaners who had already graduated from their respective flying school refuses to pay back the amount that they had took from MARA in the given amount of time.
that is sooo wrong.. dah pinjam tu x reti reti ke nak bayar balik?buat buat lupe ke? ni ker orang melayu? bodo.

many of my forum buddies have stated their unsatisfactory to this rumor because they need the money to further pursue their dreams.
i will surely get to the bottom of this soon and keep u all on the updates later aite?

Please MARA dont stop providing is us money and hope. We need u so-so much!!.

in my case, MARA is a goverment organization which helps alot of bumiputra's to get financial aids a.k.a money to pursue their studies.


  1. damn.what a news.huhu.but never mind.sempat kot ur turn nak dpt loan tu.dun worry,pray more.:)

    anyway,lama gile dah tak masuk that forum.life cam busy gile lately.seriously tension gile.haish.

    all the best for u.:)

  2. anna,
    i lepas la...
    diorang yg bawah bawah i tu.
    da cam cacing kepanasan da.
    i tga tlg diorg cari gud news ni.
    so far..gud news ngan bad news agak seri je.

  3. ooo.eh.haha.misunderstood.sorry sorry.hehe

    tapi cam.hrmm...speechless.huhu.:(

  4. ntah la.
    i pown cam xpuas ati.
    their other alternatives are...
    bank loan, etc.
    air asia chooses only 10 cadets per intake.
    MAS stopped taking cadets already due to the economy cataclysm.
    how hwo?
    kita buat mogok sardin nak?

  5. alop...cox kau dh lepas ke loan mara??

    aku pon ade jgk pegi mara tu...and ble tau pasal news ne aku pk mls nk bgtw sape2 lagi sbb kputusan muktamad blom ada...nanty ramai plak yg risau.....

  6. haha aku lom :).

    tapi aku masuk gne duit sendri dl kot? adehh aku xtau lagi la. maybe postpone :(.


  7. aku postpone lah..nk bwat mcm mane..huhu...tunggu pon takde duit jgk nk masuk...intake bulan 8 la jwbnye..tue pon klau mara dh ok...

  8. bulan 6 kn kadet mas??
    u hav read MAS-APFT-MARA kt website apft??
    ...................tunggu la mara decide and annouce ape nanty

  9. yup bln 6 kadet MAS.
    tapi kan ade 4 tempat ksng lagi.
    okok. doa bnyk2 wehhh