Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Absence.

sorry guys fr going MIA for a while.
well i don't think 'a while' might explain it but i'm back blogging and that's good news right?

things are going nuts these days. problems are overlapping on one another. crisis starts emerging and hope starts fading.

but hey, when there's a will, there's a way right mate?

if you all are wondering, i am just fine. its just that due to my lazy arse syndrome, i restrict myself from blogging hahaha.

oh okay, my latest dilemma that i wanted to highlight is my MARA loan application for my cadet pilot training. its not something i like to talk about but i will share it with all of you since some of you here don't really know who i am =).

i submitted my MARA application a LOOOONG time was in december last year i think.but i only managed to complete the form on february this year due to my my shallow knowledge for not getting the admission letter from APFT and hell, i was having a bad time convincing my dad to spoon out the 15k deposit to obtain the letter.

the worst part was, a week or two after i submitted the letter,i was informed that the interview will be conducted somewhere in the same month and yes i know my name would be shortlisted. but you just have to try now did ya?. yep turns out my predictions were true. there's no way my name would be in the database that fast.


as you all know, there were many recent changes in our country this year, mostly done by the government themselves. change this change that, shift this, shift that, my god they really nailed it. i mean, couldn't it be done later? oh i sayyy "after i get my bloody loan?"

many of my compatriots like myself are suffering from the same problem as you all know many of us bumi's rely solely on MARA because of the benefits they offer. its practically irresistible ya know? and now the economy crisis strikes hard on the face of the earth and affecting the amount of funds the government can get to spend on us. so basically we're on ground zero, going back to the drawing board to find other alternatives in order to support our dreams.

but hey, i forgot to mention. those who send their application forms after february got a letter from MARA stating that their application can't be considered and yet some of my friends including myself, haven't got the letter 'yet'.

i mean, i was wondering.. maybe there's a slight possibility that some of us went through? and will be given a chance to obtain the loan? god knows. thats what i'm hoping for the most right now.
If not, either try the bank or refinance the house then which neither both i hope it does not come to.

Dear God, i'm so freaking scared to check my mails nowadays. I'd scare any postman that comes near my house ;)


  1. xpa, keep praying laa.. harap2 ko dpt msk apft tuu nnt..

  2. take it easy.. we are in the same shoe i guess.. its a long way for us to become a commercial pilot.. hmmm.. sabar okay..

  3. eddy,sabo2.mesti dapat punye take care.:)

  4. insyallah it will come. just sooner or even later. mine is ever slow ever not coming in, though my status is active. bleh. good luck, captain!

  5. ya still trying with MARA?! LEt me bring you a news.
    For bumi, yes, for chinese and indian, they have nothing. Appreciate with everything you have given by the government, sweety.
    You do stand a hope.
    A big BUT for you.
    The latest information is, MARA has freezed the loan for piloting due to the huge amounts have been given to many student pilots right now.
    Don't keep waiting and do more researches.
    Good day! ;)